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The Perfect PastThe Perfect PastThe Perfect Past
The Perfect PastThe Perfect PastThe Perfect Past
The Perfect Past

The Perfect Past

March 23, 2000 to April 22, 2000

Sara Angelucci
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"In the mind's eye, people, places and things of the past are so obscured as to be something different all together." -Lisa Gabrielle Mark

The Perfect Past was Sara Angelucci's first Toronto solo exhibition, featuring large-scale, colour photographs depicting a simultaneous recording and disruption of the image. Often these images appear as a repeated series of frames, creating a narrative, which is then marred by colourful flares of light. Taken while in motion through vehicle windows or when walking, blurred landscapes further this sense of a transitional state.

Throughout its history, photography has been credited with its power to record, but like the mind, this property is selective, subjective and fragmentary at best. The photographs in this series make visible the limitations of the memory process. Undertaken out of a dire sense of displacement, the daily practice of photographing became a way of confirming existence and trying to grasp the artist's surroundings. Throughout this work, ideas of dislocation, the passing of time, disruption of childhood, and the fleeting nature of memory intermingle. The past, as it would seem, is perfect only in the mind's eye.

A brochure accompanies The Perfect Past with an essay by Toronto-based writer, editor and curator, Lisa Gabrielle Mark.

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3-fold 2 colour brochure
Text by Lisa Gabrielle Mark
Editor Lorraine Johnson
Design by Ian Cauthery