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breath takingbreath takingbreath taking
breath takingbreath takingbreath taking
breath takingbreath takingbreath taking
breath taking

breath taking

April 5, 2001 to March 12, 2001

Kelly McCray
Sue Lloyd

Carla Garnet
Sharon Switzer
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Co-curated by Carla Garnet and Sharon Switzer, breath taking brings together two new bodies of work by Toronto-based artists Sue Lloyd and Kelly McCray. Garnet writes, "Kelly McCray and Sue Lloyd's new work belongs to the Toronto photo-based tradition of constructing pictorial allegory. A tradition that comes from the early [mid-1960s] engagement with video and performance art and emanates from practices of Toronto-based artists such as General Idea, Colin Campbell, Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak, Suzy Lake Eldon Garnet, David Buchan, David Rasmus and Robert Flack." Switzer explains in the exhibition essay that " both McCray and Lloyd create a space where their stories and their characters reflect the trepidation that we feel when looking into the blackness, the depths of the unknown. But they also reveal the pleasure that can arise from crossing over into that other, profoundly bewildering but also exhilarating, unknown place."

McCray's Gnawts highlight the actions of a man who allows his body to be covered with love bites by a mysterious male figure. This work includes a video with stills taken from the transitional moments that occur between scenes, comprising a series of 28"x 25" gicle prints and two 48" x 72" vellum prints.

Lloyd's searchworks is a series of ten digitally produced, photo-based images, approximately 48" x 54" each, that show a world impossibly split in two. The women in the top portions of the images are shown floating in boats, searching with lanterns, and staring down into the depths. Below women are depicted swimming deep under water, separated from the others by time, space, and the physical constraints of the image.

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Sue Lloyd and Kelly McCray: breath taking 2001
20-page colour catalogue
10 colour images
Texts by Sharon Switzer and Carla Garnet
Design by Bhandari & Plater Inc.
$8.00 reg.