Jessica Eaton

Jessica Eaton, cfaal 254, 2012

Jessica Eaton | Suzy Lake | Annie MacDonell


Jessica Eaton is a Montreal-based artist whose unique photographic technique has been widely received across Canada and internationally, both in exhibitions and publications. Jessica was the recipient of the Jury Grand Prize awarded by Hyeres Festival as well as the Magenta Foundation’s 2011 Bright Spark award, and has recently exhibited work at the Contact Photography Festival in Toronto and Flash Forward festival in Boston. Jessica Eaton is represented by Clint Roenisch Gallery, Toronto.

About The Work

Jessica Eaton uses a wide array of experimental, analogue-based photographic techniques such as colour separation filters, multiple exposures, dark slides and in-camera masking. Eaton builds images on sheets of 4×5 film that address fundamental properties of photography such as light, chance, duration, illusion and spatial relations. In discussing her work Eaton has explained: “I often set up parameters for phenomena to express itself. In the best of cases I push things so that the response comes in ways that I could not have thought up until I was shown it on film. Once you get to see or experience something you can use it. Then you can use it to see something else.”