Digital Archive Project Teams

Phase II

Completed January 2004

Katie Varney, Project Manager

A recent graduate of Ryerson's New Media program, Katie Varney is currently working as an electronic artist, curator, and designer. Her work in photography, mixed-media, and video has been shown in various galleries across Canada. Before obtaining her BFA here in Toronto, Katie studied Art History and Cultural Theory in schools spanning a distance from Victoria to Sweden. She currently the Project Manager for TPW's Digital Archive Project.

Rachel Ma, Designer and Image Technican

Rachel Ma is a 21-year-old student living in Toronto. Currently, she is completing her third year of New Media studies at Ryerson University. In the past, Rachel has volunteered at The Art Gallery of Ontario and The Design Exchange, and has worked as a photo technician for a commercial retailer. She is currently Gallery TPW's web/digital assistant.

Angella Mackey, Editor and Content Coordinator

Toronto-based artist Angella Mackey is currently completing her third year studying New Media at Ryerson University. With special interests in writing, video and web design, she is credited with experience as a researcher for various professional projects as well as freelance graphic design.

Matthew Nish-Lapidus, Programmer and Database Developer

Matthew Nish-Lapidus graduated from Ryerson University's New Media BFA program in 2003. Since then he has worked with a diverse range of companies and individuals as a freelance web designer and developer. He is also a practicing New Media artist, programmer, and musician, with frequent shows in and around Toronto.

Phase 1

Completed March 2003

Dave Kemp - Project Manager

Dave Kemp is a Toronto-based artist who earned his BFA in photography from Ryerson University after completing a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Queen's University in Kingston. His photographic exhibitions include Out of the Ordinary (2001) and Reconstructed Bodies (2002).

Spencer Saunders - Designer, Programmer & Database Developer

Spencer earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in New Media from Ryerson University. Following his graduation in 2001, Spencer founded his own small business, Communicate New Media, focussing on new media solutions for the arts and culture sector. Spencer is also an active artist and photographer.

Heather Traher - Writer, Editor & Content Coordinator

Heather earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in New Media from Ryerson University. Since graduating in 2001 Heather has worked on a variety of web-based initiatives, specializing in the development of medium-appropriate content. Heather is also a freelance writer and editor.

Michelle Astrug - Designer & Image Technician

Michelle Astrug graduated from the New Media program at Ryerson and is currently studying Graphic Design at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Michelle is also an active artist and a freelance designer.


Thank you to following individuals and organizations that have generously donated time, expertise and materials to the successful completion of this project.

Robert Burley, Nina Levitt, Sharon Switzer, David Green, Bill Kirby, Garry Conway, David Helstern, Peter Gugeler
Ryerson University, Image Arts Department
Toronto Image Works
Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art
Macdoc Computers
Culture Connection
Communicate New Media
And the Gallery TPW Staff: Gary Hall, Kim Simon, Jennifer Park, Elaine Gaito and Bridget Indelicato