The Power of Black Social Media: Images, Identity, and Resistance

Presentation and Discussion with George Grant
Saturday, October 5th, 2019—12:15pm

Images play an important role in our society, provoking emotions, shaping ideologies and re-presenting identity.

What if the images that you see are not images that speak to your Identity, far less your spirit?

Come sit with your people and have a circle discussion.

Welcome to The Power of Black Social Media: Images, Identity, and Resistance.

Directed by George R Grant.

Please note: this event is reserved for people of colour. Registration is required. Please email to sign up for this session.

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George Grant also known as Geo82, is a York university Sociology student focusing on race and power. George successful ran the HIV component for a youth prevention project that was adopted from the USA titled 3MV for two consecutive terms (2009-2010). While working for one of Canada’s largest Black-focused AIDS prevention agencies, The Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (Black-CAP) he produced a safe space initiative call Socialite411, as a collective with other ethnic-focused AIDS Service Organizations for Queer, Trans and questioning youth (2010). Now in his last year of his degree, he has gone on to design his own directive called Black-City, which aims to connect the Black Diaspora with culturally appropriate supports, services, and products. Black-City’s first production is Village Social Media. A social media platform geared towards supporting the Black, African and Caribbean communities; first within Toronto and then nation-wide.