Workshop with Teddy Masuku

Saturday, September 28th, 2019—2:30pm

I will be teaching a fusion of Zimbabwean traditional dances (Muchongoyo and Sitshikisha) and township dance (pantsula and jive) from Bulawayo. Depending on the number of students, the participants will be divided into small groups.

Workshop Structure:
—5 minute warm up
—Brief introduction of the dances
—Muchongoyo dance and song
—Sitshiktsha dance and song
—Pantshula and jive dance
—Presentation of all dances

Space is limited and registration is required. Please email to sign up for this workshop.

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Born in the City Kings Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Teddy Masuku’s interests in the performing arts started in his early years. In 1997, he took up dancing on a full time basis as a performer and choreographer, working with different groups of that time in Zimbabwe; specializing mostly in traditional and modern dance fused with poetry. During that period, he toured extensively within and outside the country teaching and learning more about Southern African cultural and modern dances as well as improving his skills as a dancer, singer, actor and choreographer. Since coming to Canada in 2004 Teddy has been able to further develop his skills as a Freelance singer,Artist director and Founder of Izimba Arts, dancer and choreographer. He has worked more closely with Schools, Community organizations, Festivals, and Dance companies, teaching and performing Zimbabwean dance, music, and culture. One of Teddy’s objectives is to use the arts as a vehicle to effectively communicate with the diverse and multicultural groups and also collaborating with different organizations and individuals who share the same love for the performing arts.