About TPW R&D

Founded in the late 70s and evolving since then, Gallery TPW is now a non-profit exhibition space dedicated to the critical investigation of the vital role that both still and moving images play in contemporary culture.

Our new project space, branded as TPW R&D, is intended as a transitional and flexible space for shared research and the development of critical discourse. As a temporary research office, our focus will be discursive programming — writing, screenings, discussions, workshops, fluid exhibition strategies — where we can think out loud about our methodologies for looking and showing as much as we continue to directly experience the force of images. We’ll be here until our purpose-built permanent home is ready for us at the end of 2013. While we remain committed to the long-term project of the space of the gallery as one of productive, sustained engagement with images, during the R&D period we’re taking the emphasis off the treadmill of exhibitions. Our intention is to broadly consider what research looks like, what it’s goals are, and how we can do it in and with a public.

Office hours are Tuesday-Friday 12-5 with additional hours during public programs.


For more information please contact Curator, Kim Simon.

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