About TPW R&D Online

The R&D website is conceived as a bulletin board of ideas, discussion and resources – an ongoing and accumulating archive of what has been happening at the gallery both publicly and in more intimate research moments. Broadly speaking, the Events/Exhibitions notes give the details about public programs, while the Research/Conversation notes elaborate on the concepts and debates around what we’re up to.

Alongside plans for exhibitions, screenings and discussions that will take place at the gallery, during the R&D period we’ve also opened the institution to collaborative and institutional partnership workshops, reading groups and a lot of conversation about the methodologies for how we both encounter and talk about images. R&D online asks all of our collaborators to contribute to our accumulating conversation by adding critical content to the website, whether to document their activity and process or add a new layer of content altogether.

All critical entries on the R&D site have a comment function and we invite you to ask further questions or add related commentary. This site is an experiment with our goal being an understanding of how the presentation of our research will feed itself, hopefully creating further research as it grows into a larger, collective conversation.

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