Trisha Baga


March 15–April 21, 2018

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 15
5:30–7:00pm: 2018 Images Festival Programming Launch
7:00–9:00pm: Exhibition Reception
9:00–11:00pm: Karaoke After-Party hosted by Trisha Baga

With Biologue, American artist Trisha Baga extends her recent work into a new two-part video installation. Throughout the work, cells subdivide via mitosis, languages collapse into phonemes and misheard sounds, objects dissolve into detritus, and digital images shatter into pixels and artifacts. While preoccupied with these processes of fragmentation, Baga is equally invested in reassembling and recombining their elements into new narratives.

Biologue collages video footage of the artist’s family road trip through the Philippines, audio from Hollywood soundtracks, and objects both readymade and hand-crafted. A circuitous journey that reflects how culture and its signs travel and shift, Baga’s work alludes to Philippine history and the layers of colonialism the country has endured and considers the resulting cultural and aesthetic osmosis through repeated translations and mistranslations.

Baga collapses disparate spaces and languages, creating an immersive 3D-video environment that playfully explores what the concept of “immersion” can promise across physical and virtual space. Biologue invites viewers to become subsumed in its flows and to make meaning from simultaneous but diverging sensory and perceptual experiences.

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Trisha Baga’s recent solo exhibitions include the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (2017); 356 Mission Road, Los Angeles (2017); Greene Naftali, New York (2015); the Zabludowicz Collection, London (2014); Gio Marconi, Milan (2014); Peep-Hole, Milan (2013); Societé, Berlin (2013); and the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (2012). Her work belongs to the collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art; Aïshti Foundation, Beirut; the Zabludowicz Collection; the Julia Stoschek Collection, Düsseldorf; the Moderna Museet, Stockholm; and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Roverto. She was recently shortlisted for the Nam June Paik award and was featured at the Okayama Art Summit in Japan and the Biennial of Moving Images in Geneva. Baga is represented by Greene Naftali, New York.