Open Curatorial Studio: Unshowable Photographs

As a follow up to the pannel discussion Unshowable Photographs, Curator in Residence Gabrielle Moser, will be spending the next three weeks in the Gallery TPW R&D space, testing out how to transform the questions raised by the panel discussion into an experimental gallery exhibition. This event is part of “Coming to Encounter,” a series of discursive programs organized by Gabrielle Moser that examines the aesthetic strategies employed by artists and photographers to prepare viewers for an encounter with difficult knowledge. As part of the 2012/13 TPW R&D project, “Coming to Encounter” aims to elaborate on conversations about photography and difficult knowledge that have taken place at Gallery TPW over the past several years.

Rather than trying to document or translate the panel discussion into the format of the exhibition, this open curatorial studio will try to expand on some of the latent and unexplored issues that the panel discussion raised. Focusing on the contexts in which photographs (or videos) become showable or unshowable, this curatorial research time will allow for experimentation with different presentation formats and juxtapositions between the different methods artists, publishers and curators use to circulate difficult images.

During the first week of the open curatorial residency, my focus will be on research, with the following week devoted to experimentation with different modes of display and presentation. Feel free to come by, grab a coffee, and chat any time during the open curatorial studio hours:

Week 1:
Tuesday 10 October: 12–4pm
Wednesday 11 October: 12–4pm

Week 2:
Tuesday 16 October: 10 am–1pm
Thursday 18 October: 10 am–1pm
Friday 19 October: 10 am–3pm

UPDATE* new hours:

Week 3:
Tuesday 23 October: 12-4pm
Wednesday 24 October: 12-4pm
Friday 26 October: 10:30-4pm

Week 4:
Tuesday 30 October: 12-4 pm
Wednesday 31 October: 12-4 pm

Gabrielle Moser is a writer and independent curator. She is currently curator in residence as part of Gallery TPW R&D. She regularly contributes to, and her writing has appeared in venues including ARTnews, Canadian Art, Fillip, n paradoxa, and Photography & Culture. She has curated exhibitions for Access Gallery, Gallery TPW, the Leona Drive Project and Vtape. She is a PhD candidate in art history and visual culture at York University, where she also teaches.

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