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Foam, the ever evolving and expanding photography organization based in Amsterdam (magazine, museum, blog), celebrated their 10th Anniversary in 2011, marking this achievement with a series of programming under the title: WHAT’S NEXT. On March 19, 2011, an “expert meeting” and series of presentations took place at Foam Amsterdam – a video playlist of the lectures can be found here and includes Broomberg and Chanarin, Charlotte Cotton, and Lisa Oppenheim, to name a few.

Simultaneously Foam launched an interactive discursive web project, intending to extend the debate over the course of the year and into the public. TPW R&D, has been watching the site do its thing – trying to entice lively threads by public users and esteemed professionals in response to current questions around the future of the medium. While sifting through the noise may be daunting at this stage of its life (finding the meat of the matter requires a lot of clicking), the premise is clear: to encourage discourse about ‘what’s next’ to help better shape and better describe ‘what’s now’.

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