Robert Burley

Robert Burley, Lake Superior/Thunder Bay #2, 2006

Robert Burley | Robin Collyer | Clara Gutsche | Adam Harrison | Roger LeMoyne

About The Artist

Robert Burley’s Great Lakes series continues his exploration of the relationship between nature and cities. Shorelines — whether remote or urban — have been a constant in Burley’s life, and he writes “This view of nothingness becomes as much about a state of mind as it is a manifestation of geography.” He creates these images of seemingly infinite depth with a large format camera using long exposures in the early morning.

Robert Burley received his MFA in 1986 from the school of the Art Institute of Chicago. The recipient of numerous awards and commissions, he has exhibited his work both nationally and internationally. His photographs are included in several noteworthy private collections, as well as the National Gallery of Canada, the Chicago History Museum, the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography and the Musée de l’Eysée.