Board of Directors

Clockwise, Top-Left to Bottom-Left: Elle Flanders (President), Alyssa Bistonath (Vice President), Roberta Best (Treasurer), Hiba Abdallah (Programming Liaison), Heather Keating, Rachel Boyle, Magdalyn Asimakis, Nedda Baba, Dana Prieto

The Board of Directors perform a critical role of guiding, governing, and broadening the gallery’s operations. Fitting for an artist-run centre, Gallery TPW’s board is primarily composed of artists and curators as well as professionals providing expertise in finance, human resources, and communications. Over the past 40+ years, TPW has been fortunate to count some of Toronto’s most prominent artists and curators as members.

The board meets approximately every month and has an Annual General Meeting in the summer.

We welcome nominations for new board members through out the year, as well volunteer opportunities as an external member of a committee. For more info, please contact info @

Elle Flanders

Elle Flanders is an award-winning filmmaker and artist based in Toronto. Together with her partner, architect Tamira Sawatzky, they comprise Public Studio. The Long Now, a monograph edited by Emelie Chhangur and Philip Monk, was recently published about their work. Elle has served on numerous boards over the past 25 years.

Alyssa Bistonath

Alyssa Bistonath is a lens-based practitioner whose work focuses on themes of memory and belonging. As the daughter of Guyanese immigrants, Alyssa endeavours to look at modes of representation by investigating nostalgia, exploring evidence, and interrupting the archive.

Roberta Best

Roberta Best is a commercial real estate professional with TD Bank, a fervent fan of the arts, and the current treasurer at TPW.

Hiba Abdallah
(Programming Liasion)

Hiba Abdallah is an artist and organizer. Her practice explores civic resilience and political structures as tools for fostering collaborative agency. She joined Gallery TPW’s board in 2018. 

Heather Keating
Heather Keating is an art enthusiast and a committed supporter of the alternative and contemporary art scene in Toronto. She also happens to be a lawyer, which is sometimes useful.

Rachel Boyle
Rachel Boyle is an independent art consultant based in Toronto. Most recently she was the curatorial director of the New York–based Pace Gallery. Rachel, who has contributed to and edited numerous fine-arts publications, has more than 20 years of experience working with artists and cultural institutions worldwide.

Magdalyn Asimakis
Magdalyn Asimakis is a curator and writer based in Toronto. She is the co-founder of the roving project space and curatorial collective ma ma.

Nedda Baba
Nedda Baba is a Toronto-based artist whose practice vacillates between images, found objects, performances, and interactive installations. Nedda has exhibited and performed in various spaces across the GTHA, including the Art Gallery of Hamilton and the Toronto Biennial of Art. She currently works as a digital imaging specialist at Toronto Image Works.

Dana Prieto
Dana Prieto is an Argentine artist and educator based in Toronto whose site-responsive practice manifests in sculpture, installation, performance, writing, and collaborations. Dana’s work deftly examines our intimate and collective entanglements with colonial institutions and power structures by exposing how we relate, think, make, and consume in the Anthropocene. Her work has been presented in national and international galleries, public spaces, and informal cultural venues.

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