Dangling By Their Mouths

Knut Åsdam, Köken Ergun, Cecilia Lundqvist, Kelly Oliver & Keary Rosen, Jenny Perlin, Catherine Sullivan

A special one-night screening curated by Jon Davies

Friday, February 15, 2008, 8:00 pm

mannered ramblings • verbal diarrhea • vocal nonsense • perverse repetitions • magic wordplay • possessed mouths • tongue twisters • oral gymnastics • subversive speech • queer language • ventriloquists’ dummies • brainwashed automatons • talking in circles • chatty cathies • loquacious lips • blabbering epiphanies • whispered secrets • motormouth paroxysms • aberrant utterances • idle chatter • the politics of gibberish

Gallery TPW is pleased to present Dangling By Their Mouths, a special one-night screening of international film and video, curated by Jon Davies.

“The artists in Dangling By Their Mouths make mincemeat of the absurd turn that authoritative language has taken by mutating verbal speech into strange and ridiculous forms, evolving new, occasionally pathological languages that capture more accurately the perverse sounds of power.”

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Curator Biography

Toronto-based Jon Davies is a widely published writer and curator of film and video. Davies sits on the boards of Gallery TPW and Pleasure Dome, and will present a major exhibition of work by Colin Campbell at Oakville Galleries in December 2008.