Jimmy Limit

Jimmy Limit, Crowbar with White Tube (Conceal, Confusion, Drainage, Expertise, Flexibility, Isolation, Nobody, Progress, Similarity, Success), 2012

Luis Jacob | John Massey | Jimmy Limit


Jimmy Limit is a photo-based artist living in St Catharines Ontario. His most recent exhibition, “Show Room” at Clint Roenisch, combined his long-standing interest in self-publishing and photography with a new fascination: ceramics and sculpture. Limit has exhibited throughout Canada and the United States, including exhibitions and at Mercer Union; Butcher Gallery; Emporium, Montreal; Melanie Flood Projects, New York; Printed Matter, New York and POV Evolving Gallery, Los Angeles. His work has been featured in Bad Day, The New York Times and Frieze. Jimmy Limit is represented by Clint Roenisch Gallery.

About The Work

Evolving out of an interest in stock photography and an affinity for the aesthetic of the ULINE Catalogue, Jimmy Limit’s recent exhibition “Show Room” presented a collection of photographs and sculptures that explored relationships between image, object and consumption. Through an exploration of photography as both a tool to sell commodities and as a commodity in its own right, “Show Room” addressed the multilayered relationship between photography and commerce.

Website: www.jimmylimit.com/