Past Exhibitions 2010

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Geoffrey Pugen

Bridge Kids
September 30 – November 6, 2010

A meditation and absurd collage of media, found footage, sci-fi cliché, and performance, Bridge Kids connects a research documentary on J.B. Rhine and the history of ESP/Parapsychology, with a science fiction drama portraying an adolescent’s technological reincarnation.

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William Kentridge

Journey to the Moon
September 7 – 19, 2010

Gallery TPW announces our first collaboration with the Toronto International Film Festival's Future Projections program with the Toronto premiere of Journey to the Moon (2003) by William Kentridge.

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This is uncomfortable

Robert Lendrum, Elizabeth Milton + Sheila Poznikoff, Kika Nicolela, Melissa Pauw, and Joshua + Zachary Sandler
June 24 – July 31, 2010.

This is uncomfortable brings together video works that explore the nuances of awkwardness in intimate interactions between artist and subject.

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Guillaume Désanges

Child's Play
June 10 - 19, 2010

Child’s Play is the outcome of a workshop with seven Romanian children in 2008. The impetus for the workshop was an assertion that the history of performance art be read as a history of silence rather than discourse – a pre-linguistic history of primary gestures.

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Eric Baudelaire

Unfinished Business
May 6 – June 5, 2010

Recalling factographic practices, Baudelaire’s video work encourages the viewer to question the modes of production and consumption of images, as well as the representation of political events and social constructs.

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Tacita Dean

Craneway Event
April 3 – 24, 2010

Shot in 16mm colour anamorphic film, Craneway Event documents Cunningham’s company over three days as they rehearsed for an vent in the craneway of an abandoned Ford Motors factory in California.

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Jaret Belliveau

Dominion Street
February 4 – March 6, 2010

Documenting his family over the course of five years, Belliveau originally focused on daily life until his mother was diagnosed with cancer. The images that developed convey the internal workings of a family’s struggle with illness and life after personal trauma.

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