Saturday School Curriculum

The School for the Movement of the Technicolo(u)r People‘s curriculum features movement-based classes led by taisha paggett (LA) and WXPT Toronto: Ella Cooper, Rodney Diverlus, Bishara Elmi, Aisha Sasha John, Ashley “Colours” Perez, and Danielle Smith. The curriculum also includes workshops and talks by US and Canadian guest artists, thinkers, and organizers whose research sits in dialogue with the project.

All workshops are free but registration is required. Please email to register for workshops.

Please note: some workshops are restricted to participants who identify as Black. Please refer to each workshop description for details.

Gallery TPW has ramp access, an accessible ground-floor washroom, and clear, unobstructed pathways within the gallery. Note that there are no automatic doors at the entrance and no designated accessible parking nearby. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to begin a conversation regarding your needs—we’re happy to work with you to facilitate your access to the workshops.
If local transit is a barrier to participation, please contact to arrange for TTC reimbursement.

September 14—Rodney Diverlus

Animating the Body in Time + Space: Physicalities and [Im]possibilities
Saturday, September 14, 12:15pm

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September 14—taisha paggett

The net that holds and unfolds us, together
Saturday, September 14, 2:30pm

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September 21—Bishara Elmi

The Space Between Us: An Exploration
Saturday, September 21, 12:15pm

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September 21—keyon gaskin

i don’t know what to call it
Saturday, September 21, 2:30pm

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September 28—Aisha Sasha John

Saturday, September 28, 12:15pm

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September 28—Teddy Masuku

Workshop by Teddy Masuku
Saturday, September 28, 2:30pm

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October 5—George Grant

The Power of Black Social Media: Images, Identity, and Resistance
Saturday, October 5, 12:15pm

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October 5—Jaz-FairyJ

Workshop with Jaz-FairyJ
Saturday, October 5, 2:30pm

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October 12—Danielle Smith

Body as Truth Teller. Body as Freedom Holder. Body as Archive.
Saturday, October 12, 12:15pm

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October 12—Christina Sharpe

Ordinary Notes
Saturday, October 12, 2:30pm

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October 19—Ella Cooper

Black Dance Film Improvisations: A Day-Long Creation Workshop for Black dancers and/or filmmakers
Saturday, October 19, 12:15pm—5:00pm

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October 26—Anna Martine Whitehead

Surrounding Desire
Saturday, October 26, 12:15pm

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October 26—Ashley “Colours” Perez

Cheer Social
Saturday, October 26, 2:30pm

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