Invisible Violence

Enframing an Invisible Violence

Writer and curator Cora Fisher contributes with her thoughts on the Woodstock launch of Invisible Violence, held in conjunction with a conversation with Judy Ditner, Thomas Keenan and Liz Park.

Doing the Difficult Work

Montreal-based writer Amber Berson shares her reflections on the workshop titled “The Form of Violence / The Form of Exhibition” presented by Liz Park for Invisible Violence at CEREV (The Centre for Ethnographic Research and Exhibition in the Aftermath of Violence) at Concordia University on February 27.

Curation as Interruption

Sara Matthews, Assistant Professor in Global Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University, responds to a conversation between Gabrielle Moser and Liz Park at the Toronto launch of Invisible Violence.

Slippery Bond

Vancouver-based artist and writer Sean Alward responds to an artist talk by Marianne Nicolson to mark the Vancouver launch of Invisible Violence.

Belmore / Gonzales-Day / Granados / Noguchi

To explore the artists’ works and the topic of violence in collaboration rather than in isolation, the curator Liz Park and photo-scholar Judy Ditner engaged in a process of exchange. Seeking to open up each other’s readings, we jointly authored this text to point to some key issues the artists take up, and to offer partial descriptions of and ruminations on the artworks.

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Invisible Violence brings together the work of four artists – Rebecca Belmore, Ken Gonzales-Day, Francisco-Fernando Granados, and Louise Noguchi – who use photography as a point of reference for histories of violence that inform a contemporary politics of representation. Designed to incite thoughtful conversations about the representation of violence and its politicization today, this multi-part project consists of: publication of the artists’ work as a sequence of 5”x7” cards; a series of discursive events conceived as points of distribution for the publication; and this web hub that archives reflections on the discussions that take place at each event.

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